Ihimaera, Witi. The whale rider.

AuthorMacGregor, Amanda
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Harcourt. 152p. c1987. 0-15-205016-7. $8.00. JSA *

Witi Ihimaera spins a breathtaking tale of eight-year-old Kahu, a Maori girl in New Zealand whose destiny is to be a whale rider and the savior of her tribe. Moving between contemporary New Zealand and some ancient past time, the story of Kahu's life unfolds. Kahu is unloved by her great-grandfather, the main object of her affection, and shown that girls have no place of importance in Maori culture. Undeterred by this, Kahu learns all she can about her culture and her people, meanwhile developing a quiet and mysterious connection with the whales. The time for Kahu to fulfill her destiny comes when the whales strand themselves on the beach of Kahu's village...

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