The 107-year-old Insurance Federation of New York, Inc. will present its 2021 Free Enterprise Award to Steven M. Menzies, Chairman of Applied Underwriters, and its Mary Lanning Public Service Award to William Frazier, founder of American Veterans Group, Wall Street's first public benefit corporation. Honored guest, New York's new Superintendent of Insurance, Hon. Adrienne A. Harris, will participate in the program. The Annual event, postponed from November, 2021 owing to the uncertainties of the COVID pandemic, will be held March 31st at 12:00 noon at the Union League Club on Park Avenue at 37th Street in Manhattan.

Mr Steven M. Menzies joins a most illustrious group of entrepreneurs in receiving the IFNY Free Enterprise Award, including Henry Ford II, Hank Greenberg, Red Motley, Greg Case, Brian Dupperault, Pat Ryan, Bill Flynn, Tom Moran, J. Carter Bacot, Hyatt Brown, Sandy Weill, Donald Trump, and many other iconic business leaders. Mr Menzies is himself a serial entrepreneur who acquired Applied Underwriters in 2019, 15 years after he founded the Company, from Berkshire Hathaway. He has since grown the Company dramatically through several acquisitions in the US and abroad and through refined organic growth.

He is currently constructing the largest urban development in the US, Heartwood Preserve, in Omaha, Nebraska, where the Company's operational headquarters is located. Founder of the Steve Menzies Global Foundation, Mr. Menzies has received numerous awards for his philanthropic work, notably for leading hostage rescue missions in Venezuela, for securing the return of Americans left in Afghanistan and for leading, by Papal appointment, the St. Francis Day Foundation to treat the concerns for human ecology as articulated in the Encyclical Laudato si. A trustee of colleges and other educational and cultural institutions, Mr. Menzies is Vice Chairman of the San Francisco Opera, one of Americas most important cultural institutions.

Mr William H. Frazier will receive IFNY's Mary Lanning Public Service Award. Mr Frazier is founder of American Veterans' Group, Wall Street's first public benefit corporation, an enterprise that trains and employs veterans to ensure that they enter the financial world at a level that uses their potential fully rather than the roles that many were accorded because their skills were modest. The Company has been a success and has built a framework for veterans. Mr Frazier has served as Trustee and Treasurer of...

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