IFNY Awardees' New "Club" and a Look at Corporate Citizenship.

Author:Acunto, Steve

* The recent IFNY Luncheon was a 10-rounder for the "Old Boys Club," as the industry used to be called, as women won all of IFNY's awards for 2018. Now, how to compliment the winners and not run amok of accepted politically correct guidelines--most of which I do find properly correct. Inga Beale, former CEO of Lloyd's of London, who is disarmingly elegant, but, more important, an amazing force for social awareness and progress at the institution has a fresh and upbeat presence. To be sure, I have referred to men as elegant and disarming, so it's OK. She is both, and a lot more. Inga deservedly received the Free Enterprise Award, the first woman ever in IFNY's 104 years. Mary Lanning, a most devoted, compassionate and disarmingly gracious advocate for faith, hope and charity--one who puts these tenets into action every day in concrete ways --received IFNY's Public Service Award and brought the 2018 IFNY Interns with her to be introduced to the insurance leaders their--prospective employers?--and to applaud their mentor. Most deserved, as well! The keynote speaker was Maria T. Vullo, Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, who pleasantly and brightly went off script and showed off her Mt. St. Vincent graduate's rhetorical ease and focus. The College's President, Chuck Flynn, was present, by the way. She extemp'ed about her progress as a professional woman and about the workplace itself It was far more compelling and satisfying than a dry regulatory rundown. My compliments to these women and to the good corporate citizens who selected them on their merits.... Speaking of good corporate citizens, Applied Underwriters Chairman Steve Menzies just introduced an amazing new plan for the giant WC insurer's operational center in Omaha, that includes a totally environmentally responsible campus. The A+ rated national workers' compensation insurer unveiled plans for Heartwood Preserve, one of the...

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