IFA was proud to host another energetic class of summer interns. Our offices were abuzz with fresh energy, new ideas and bright young people who rolled up their sleeves and worked hard on behalf of franchising all summer. Read more about our fran-tastic interns below!

Zach Stahl, American University, VetFran Fellow:

Zach has enjoyed working with the IFA Foundation so far on the VetFran 2.0 initiative to induct veteran franchisees into a new grassroots network. He's also conducted research and interviewed various members of Congress. So far, working with VetFran's donors and cultivating new partner relationships have been among Zach's most meaningful learning experiences. Zach believes that his biggest contribution so far has been drafting a new communications plan for VetFran moving forward, which will hopefully serve as a baseline strategy for many fellows to come.

Hutheyfa Tabbah, University of Michigan, Government Relations Intern: The educational highlight of Hutheyfa's internship was attending the Data Privacy Conference at the US Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the IFA. Learning the views of large corporations and agencies on the objectives of data privacy legislation made him realize how intricate the debate surrounding data privacy truly was. His work at the IFA has taught him the importance of crafting language carefully when engaging diverse stakeholders.

Rob Duffy, George Washington University, Legal Intern: Rob's most hands on learning experience this summer was seeing the actual nuts and bolts of legislative advocacy in action. Rob enjoyed being able to sit in on meetings with lawmakers and seeing how IFAs message is delivered on Capitol Hill, which has given him a much better understanding of how trade associations influence the legislative process. Rob is most proud of his work supporting our legal team in analyzing arguments for IFAs amicus brief for a major franchise legal case.

Maddie Faunce, University of Virginia, Government Relations Intern: Maddie has already learned so much in her short time at IFA. As a Government Relations intern, she has been exposed to a whole array of opportunities and experiences in Washington such as attending hearings and drafting material for the communications team. One of her favorite events was a featured panel that discussed corporate social...

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