IFA Awards Legislators of the Year: Reps. MacArthur and Murphy are champions of the franchise model from opposite sides of the aisle.

Author:Worley, Stephen

Too often, it seems the story of Congress is a story of partisanship, heated rhetoric and gridlock. That dysfunction is reflected in everything from a cable news shout-fest to heated public hearings to fiery social media posts. It can be exhausting for those of us watching at home.

Thankfully, IFA's two Legislators of the Year have worked to rise above the partisan bickering and lead the way for franchise businesses in Congress. While on opposite sides of the aisle, these two lawmakers have worked with their Congressional colleagues in support of small businesses and economic growth--leadership that has led to legislative success.

These two legislators, U.S. Reps. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) and Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.), bring their differing backgrounds and perspectives to the issues before them. While they differ on many issues, they both consistently support small businesses and know that franchises can be an engine for economic growth and wealth creation.

This prestigious award is given to no more than two elected officials per year, and always to someone who supports a pro-franchising, pro-business agenda. "We couldn't have found better legislators," noted IFA President and CEO Robert Cresanti, CFE. Reps. MacArthur and Murphy "have been champions for franchise businesses," he said, adding that "their willingness to work constructively with their colleagues to find solutions is a testament to the highest ideals of Congress. Franchise businesses across the country benefit from their leadership, insights and thoughtfulness."

With a successful 30-year career in the insurance industry, MacArthur has witnessed firsthand how government regulations affect businesses. His leadership allowed York Risk Services Group to grow from a small local firm to a multinational corporation with thousands of employees.

MacArthur's firsthand knowledge of the risks and rewards associated with small business ownership are evident when he speaks about joint employer. In fact, he is one of the most eloquent members of Congress on joint employer and uses his communication skills to highlight the impact of regulatory uncertainty on business in his district, which stretches across central New Jersey from the Delaware River to the shore.

He also led efforts to stop that uncertainty, by spearheading advocacy efforts for the Save Local Businesses Act, including leading the effort to have it included as part of year-end budget legislation.

The Third District, which...

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