Identco: the global converter utilizes positive reinforcement and accountability at all levels to meet its own exacting standards, while continuing to expand.

Author:Diamond, Catherine
Position:NARROW WEB Profile - Company overview

If the psychologist 13.F. Skinner were alive today, he'd be proud to see Ingleside, IL, USA-based label manufacturer Identco at work. As one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, Skinner's work helped to popularize the concept of positive reinforcement, which is alive and well at Identco.

Founded in 1986 by Scott Lucas, who is the company's CEO, Icientco prides itself on the way its employees are treated and the value that it places on training. Take a stroll through the company's headquarters in suburban Illinois and you're likely to see several signs that read "Together Everyone Achieves More." On the press floor, there are detailed charts with department names, goals and outcomes, employee performance indicators, and individual goals and achievements. Teamwork is a major locus here. as is accountability at every level. Every employee-including upper management-has a quarterly review.

According to Lucas, the company was started in I 986 as a specialty distributor of identification products. Today, the company's offerings include high-performance thermal transfer labels and custom printed and diecut labels. Its biggest markets are electronics, industrial and automotive.

Not long after Identco was established, though. Lucas realized he needed to act fast in order to stay successful. "Around 1989," he says. "We realized we really needed to be doing some of our own manufacturing to meet the customer requirements and turnaround times." Lucas got the ball rolling on Identco's manufacturing presence that year and hasn't looked back.


Identco has rapidly expanded around the world over the last decade. According to l'at Geraghty, vice president of sales and marketing, "We are where we are today because of our customer base and how they grew. We expanded with our customers as the world moved from being US-based and moved to Mexico, to China and so on.


Twelve years ago, Identco Mexico was opened. Today the company has two locations there: Monterrey, which has both manufacturing and distribution capabilities: and Guadalajara, which has a sales office and distribution facilities.

"Where we're located in Monterrey, it's a great location," says Victor Holbein, chief operating officer. "It's only an hour and a half drive over the border from Laredo (Texas). It's a very technical city. It's one of the largest cities in Mexico with several million people, and the technical quality and the skills...

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