Ideas To Make That PDA A Real Personal Assistant.

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Ideas To Make That PDA A Real Personal Assistant

PDAs have revolutionized many road warriors' lives. They eliminate the need for bulky planners, allow access to e-mail on the go, and even double as a phone. Just the contacts and e-mail are enough to make a PDA feel like an essential companion for some, but we've gone in search of ways to make that piece of hardware act even more like a personal assistant. If you're packing a PDA and want to get more out of it, consider these ideas to help you travel lighter, be better informed, live a more healthy life, and relax!

Leave your heavy reading behind.

Most PDAs come standard with e-book readers. If not, they're easy to download online. If you're looking for an escape from the business world, check out the e-book selection at Fictionwise. You can also subscribe to a service such as Soundview's Executive Book Summaries and get monthly summaries of the hottest business books delivered in electronic format. If you're a food and wine fan, there are a multitude of cookbooks and wine reviews that will enable you to explore the gastronomic world while you're on the go. and offer a broad selection of e-books to suit everyone's taste.

Bring your reference library along.

Never be at a loss for words again -- your PDA can double as a reference library! You can power your PDA with everything from the Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus to the Kaplan test prep tools. For those world travelers out there, you can even find survival guides with business and cultural etiquette advice for up to 61 countries.

Live a healthier life with diet, fitness, and medical helpers.

PDA software makers offer a healthy array...

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