ID Label converts production waste to energy.

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By its very nature, the label manufacturing process can produce a fair amount of waste, from setup material and edge trim to matrix and container waste. Unfortunately, it's estimated that 85% of label industry-specific waste is sent to landfills each year.

As one of the nation's leading manufacturers of custom bar code labels, Lake Villa, IL, USA-based ID Label is furthering its commitment to green manufacturing practices."We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously," says Neil Johnston, ID Label's president and CEO. "I'm proud to say that we're committed to sending less than 1 % of our waste to landfills."

ID Label has teamed with Convergen Energy, a manufacturer of alternative fuels and power for sustainable business. ID Label produces more than 500 tons of waste each year. By working with Convergen, that waste is converted into alternative energy fuel pellets which can be used as a substitute for coal, gas and other fossil fuels.

"What's exciting about this program is that we're not just greatly reducing landfill waste," Johnston says. "We're also reducing our carbon footprint by...

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