iContact proves no beginning is too small.

Position:Mid-Market FAST 40 - Company overview

You might say that iContact Corp. is growing at the speed it takes to send an email--in other words, fast. From its start in a dorm room, the Morrisville-based digital-marketing company now has 315 employees and $50 million in annual revenue. It has 70,000 customers, up from 10,000 in 2007; and revenue grew 167% between 2008 and 2010.

Aaron Haughton and Ryan Allis founded the company in 2003 while they were students at UNC Chapel Hill. They focused initially on email marketing for small and midsize companies with fewer than 150 employees but more recently expanded into a full range of digital marketing, including social media, for large companies as well. Haughton is now iContact's executive chairman, and Allis is the chief executive.

Customers subscribe to iContact's cloud-based software and can log in from any computer or mobile device to upload and manage their contact databases, which can be organized by criteria including area code or state. A customer can send marketing emails to those contacts and track when embedded links are clicked and who clicks them. The email can include surveys, digital postcards, newsletters or a simple correspondence. The information "paints a very clear picture of user behavior and...

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