IADC Committee Newsletters - Volume 89, Number 2.

The IADC boasts more than 25 Committees through which members network, expand and build skills, and further the objectives of the defense bar and business community. IADC Committees publish newsletters monthly, and below are the newsletters that were published from February through April 2022.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

* "The Right Thing to Do" An Active Ally Profile Featuring John Browning (March 2022)

Drug, Device and Biotechnology Committee

* Let's Get to Know More About Members of the Drug, Device and Biotechnology Committee (April 2022)

Insurance and Reinsurance Committee

* Can We Ever Say Goodbye in California? by Maureen M. Middleton (February 2022)

International Arbitration Committee

* Meet the Arbitrators Vol. 1 by James B. Glennon and Azusa Saito (April 2022)

* Fact Summary: Legal Actions Taken by Mexico on the Energy Sector Since 2018 by Cecilia Flores Rueda (February 2022)

Toxic and Hazardous Substances Litigation Committee

* New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Rules that...

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