IADC Committee Newsletters.

The IADC boasts more than 25 Committees through which members network, expand and build skills, and further the objectives of the defense bar and business community. IADC Committees publish newsletters monthly, and below are the newsletters that were published from July 2022 to October 2022.

Business Litigation Committee

* Strategies to Help Your Witness Maintain or Regain Control During Their Testimony by Sandra J. Wunderlich (September 2022) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee

* Inclusion Comes First - An Active Ally Profile Featuring Melanie Margolin, Chief Legal Officer at Thumbtack, Inc. (September 2022) Drug, Device and Biotechnology Committee

* 'Snail in the Bottle' Case Revisited - Certification of Valsartin/NDMA Class Action Denied by Jill Lawrie and Imad Alame (September 2022)

Employment Law Committee

* Social Security Contributions & Benefits Under Long-Term Incentive Plans - The Belgian Supreme Court Renders a Landmark Decision on a Long-Debated Matter by Cecilia Lahaye (October 2022)

In-House and Law Firm Management Committee

* Transitioning Clients for Law Firms by J. Calhoun Watson (October 2022)

Insurance and Reinsurance Committee

* California's Life Insurance Liability Trap: McHugh, Thomas, and the Long-Term Risk of California Insurance Code Sections 10113.71 and 1011372 by Joshua D. Lerner and Frederick D. Clarke, III (October 2022)

International Committee

* Development, Implementation and Use of the "Electronic Court" in Ukraine by Maria Orlyk and Oleksandr Protsiuk (October 2022) *...

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