IADC Committee Newsletters.

The IADC boasts more than 25 Committees through which members network, expand and build skills, and further the objectives of the defense bar and business community. IADC Committees publish newsletters monthly, and below are the newsletters that were published from mid-July through October 2021.

Drug, Device and Biotechnology Committee

* The Virus Mutated...Have the PREP Act's Protections Against Liability for Countermeasures Followed Suit? by Alissa Portner and Jason Rose (September 2021)

Medical Defense and Health Law Committee

* Clarification Regarding Defendant's Right to Contest Plaintiff's Affidavits Concerning Cost and Necessity of Medical Expenses by Robert G. Smith and Emiliano Farciert Jr. (July 2021)

* Missouri Supreme Court Upholds Non-Economic Damages Caps for Medical Malpractice Cases by Scott Kozak, Timothy Gearin, and Maureen Bryan (August 2021)

Product Liability Committee

* Reguests for Honoraria in Class Actions Face Rising Scrutiny and Resistance by Cheryl Woodin and Gannon Beaulne (July 2021)


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