IADC Committee Newsletters.

The IADC boasts more than 25 Committees through which members network, expand and build skills, and further the objectives of the defense bar and business community. IADC Committees publish newsletters monthly, and below are the newsletters that were published from April 2018 through June 2018.

Business Litigation Committee

* Engaging Your Jury Through Creative Use of Demonstrative Exhibits by Carl A. Aveni (April 2018)

* Federal Evidence Rules Changed to Reflect Technological Realities by Carl A. Aveni (June 2018)

Construction Law and Litigation Committee

* Recovering Delay Damages Despite Timely Completion by Christopher S. Drewry (May 2018)

Corporate Counsel Committee

* The Single Client Counsel in an Evolving Business Climate by Joseph F. Speelman (May 2018)

Employment Law Committee

* Responding to 30(b)(6) Deposition Notices in Employment Cases by Larry D. Smith (May 2018)

* Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Me About Your Salary History): An Update on the Status of State Salary History Inquiry Bans by Mark A. Fahleson (June 2018)

Intellectual Property Committee

* What Trademark Cases Teach Us About Personal Jurisdiction by Alex J. Hagan and Paul Cox (June 2018)

Medical Defense and Health Law Committee

* Special Interrogatories: Be Careful What You Ask For by Mark D. Hansen and Tyler J. Pratt (May 2018)

* Hospital's Reimbursement Rates Found to be Relevant to Determine Whether the Hospital's Charges are Reasonable by Robert G. Smith (June 2018)

Product Liability Committee

* Missouri Supreme Court Weighs in on Venue: Finds Prejudice is not Implicit to Litigation Hotspots by Mark A. Prost and Tim...

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