IADC Adopts Amicus Curiae Guidelines.

In response to an increasing interest on the part of the International Association of Defense Counsel membership, the IADC Executive Committee has adopted guidelines to establish a procedure for the Association to consider requests for amicus curiae appearances. Applications for consideration should be sent to the chair of the IADC Special Committee on Amicus Curiae, Daniel J. Pope, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, 70 West Madison St., Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60602-4207, telephone 312/ 372-1221, fax 312-372-2098, e-mail dpope@bellboyd.com.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. All applications shall state: (1) what significant defense issue is raised by this appeal; (2) what is the state of the law on this issue today; (3) what can the International Association of Defense Counsel add to the legal or public debate of this issue; (4) how long have you been a member of the IADC or Lawyers for Civil Justice; (5) how active nave you been; (6) where might the IADC turn for financial support or legal expertise for this amicus effort.

  2. All applications shall include a statement as to which other...

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