I Say a Little Prayer.

Author:Fullwood, Steven G.
Position:Book review

I Say a Little Prayer by E. Lynn Harris Doubleday, May 2006 $21.95, ISBN 0-385-51272-4

This author's typical layering of romance, taboo sexuality and (relatively) conservative Christian beliefs has been a financially successful formula for more than a decade. His latest effort, I Say a Little Prayer, doesn't deviate much from this formula (there's more sex), nor does it break new ground. It is, indeed, what we have come to expect from Harris--fun, frivolous fluff.

Fluff isn't a bad thing because, face it, Harris gives good soap opera. So on with the show. Here's a sampling of the drama present in Prayer. Picture it: Atlanta, a large metropolitan city with even larger churches. Picture the protagonist: a six-foot-one, 193-pound "mink-skinned" (just quoting E. Lynn, folks, I have no idea what that means) bisexual with gay leanings, nearing forty. He's brokenhearted and lonely.

I Say a Little Prayer opens with Chauncey Dion Greer, our patently pretentious protagonist, who is about to out a would-be elected U.S. senator on Larry King Live. Chauncey agreed to do the interview on the condition of anonymity; he is to be filmed in silhouette, his voice distorted. However, the show's executive producer feels...

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