Husch Blackwell helps to facilitate wireless communication infrastructure in rural Wisconsin.


Bug Tussel 1 LLC, in partnership with Fond du Lac County, has closed a $92.9 million bond (Series 2022A Bonds) offering on Aug. 16 which will fund the deployment of broadband infrastructure in seven rural Wisconsin counties: Green Lake, Iowa, Jefferson, Oconto, Rock, Taylor and Wood.

The proceeds of the Series 2022A Bonds will be used to finance a multi-county broadband project that will be used for the purpose of constructing fiber optic transport facilities, wireless communication towers, wireless broadband equipment and other infrastructure to provide and promote broadband services to businesses, governmental units and residents of rural communities where such service is currently unavailable, unreliable, has inadequate speeds or is prohibitively expensive. Overall, Bug Tussel plans to deploy more than 1,200 miles of fiber and 66 communications towers.

To date, Bug Tussel a subsidiary of Green Bay-based Hilbert Communications LLC working with its legal counsel at Husch Blackwell, Fond du Lac County, and UBS and Baird as underwriters, has issued more than $160 million of conduit taxable bonds to fund broadband infrastructure in 12...

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