Hunker Down Survival Plan.

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Hunker Down Survival Plan

Edward Dayne Curry

Merlin & Associates Publishers

963 Quail Run Quay, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-6113

9780981468419, $15.00,

There are a number of excellent survivalist instruction manuals for individuals providing practical information on preparing for all manner of economic, political, and environmental crises. But user-friendly 'how to' guides for insuring the survival of a business can be even harder to come by. That's why "Hunker Down Survival Plan" by Edward Dayne Curry is such an invaluable resource and reference for the entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from a small local business to an international corporation. We live in a time of radical changes both real and potential. What Curry offers in this newly expanded and updated edition of his "Hunker Down Survival...

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