Humanize your company: Train on the right people skills.

Author:Gornstein, Jon
Position:Expert Advisor

Each year, Glassdoor publishes a list of the best places to work, determined by employee feedback. Some of the companies on the most recent list include Facebook, Salesforce and LinkedIn.

One important characteristic of each of these companies is the use of onboarding programs that go beyond the practical requirements of the job. They provide employees with people skills training, including education on how to be genuine, relationship-oriented, emotionally capable and trustworthy employees.

The 'service-profit' chain

A Harvard Business Review article highlighted the importance of the "service-profit" chain. Profit and growth are affected by customer satisfaction and advocacy, which is the result of a company's culture, policies, processes and employees.

These companies want customers to be more than satisfied--they want customers to be advocates for their products and services.

To accomplish this, companies need to establish value for their services. This value is created by motivated employees who are affected positively by the company's support services.

Focus training on your culture

To humanize your business, recommit to training employees to develop strong people skills. These skills include:

* Communicating effectively

* Showing empathy

* Storytelling and connecting to emotions

* Being authentic

* Building trust

* Creating and nurturing relationships

* Valuing diversity

* Being a servant leader.

The bottom line: Skills training that is consistent with a corporate culture that honors and respects individuals produces a more humanistic business that results in a more motivated and engaged workforce.

In today's global economy...

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