Human Resource Management

AuthorBert Spector
ProfessionProfessor of Strategy at Northeastern University
Human Resource Management 47
Discussions of human resource management—the management of people
in organizations—often focus on matters of lega l compliance. These are
the types of issues—regu lations relating to equitable treatment, health and
safety, wages and benefits, employee rights to privacy, drug testing, and so
forth—that are most likely to be on the plate of in-house and outside coun-
sel who work with corporations in the people management arena. Legal
compliance issues are vital, of course. The is sues discussed in this chapter,
however, focus on the underlying rationale for a company’s human resource
policies and practices.
Human Resource Management
All businesses face the challenge of attracting, motivating, compensating,
developing, promoting, and occasionally removing employees. Of course,
all of these activities must be approached with a watchful eye on legal
requirements. The goal of human resource management (HRM), however,
is broader than compliance. The main purpos e is to manage people in a way
that maximizes per formance and advances the company’s strategic goals.

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