Huh? Run that by me again!(Back Blast & other hot gases)


You've seen it on the news: All this hogwash from the administration about how guns sold in American shops are destabilizing the government of Mexico. Then, both American and Mexican politicians go on to list items like select-fire rifles, RPGs and hand grenades as examples of the weapons seized. Yeah, sure--like you can stroll into a gun shop in the Southwest and buy 106mm recoilless rifles on layaway, hand grenades at $5.99 a pop or $30 for a six pack, with an RPG thrown in as a deal-sweetener, right?

Here's the latest. The day before President Obama's April visit to Mexico, federal police there found and seized what was described as a truck-mounted, crew-served, anti-aircraft machine gun capable of firing 800 rounds per minute and accurately hitting...

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