Hugo Award 2006.

The Hugo Award, also known as the Science Fiction Achievement Award, is given by the World Science Fiction Society.

The Winner

SPIN | ROBERT CHARLES WILSON: One day, 10-year-old Tyler Dupree and his friends watch the stars go out. As they grow up, a space probe reveals that a time warp surrounds the Earth. With time passing faster outside the barrier than inside it, the sun may soon die out. (**** Sept/Oct 2005)

"Here's a book that features speculative conceits as brash and thrilling as those found in any space opera, along with insights into the human condition as rich as those contained within any mainstream mimetic fiction." PAUL DI FILIPPO, WASHINGTON POST

The Finalists

LEARNING THE WORLD | KEN MACLEOD: The genetically modified crew of a starship discovers a star system inhabited by batlike people in the midst of an industrial revolution. This shocking discovery changes both civilizations forever.

"An oft-told tale of interstellar colonization gets updated with sparkling new scientific knowledge and fresh-minted social awareness." NISI SHAWL, SEATTLE TIMES

A FEAST FOR CROWS | GEORGE R. R. MARTIN: In the fourth volume of the Song of Ice and Fire epic, the evil king is dead, his widow Cersei occupies the Iron Throne--and the struggle for power in the Seven Kingdoms continues. (**** Mar/Apr 2006)

"Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series is that rare, once-in-a-generation work of fiction that manages to entertain readers while elevating an entire genre...

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