Hughes Demonstrates New AI-Based Modem.


Hughes Network Systems successfully demonstrated a new artificial intelligence-based modem for military leaders in December.

Hughes, which is headquartered out of German town, Maryland, is a satellite-based internet service provider.

It recently developed software that makes interoperability between different satellite communications technology possible, according to Rajeev Gopal, senior technical director of advanced systems at the company.

The modem--formally known as the flexible modem interface, or FMI--was designed as part of an Air Force program, which is exploring new interoperable capabilities.

The FMI uses a longstanding artificial intelligence technique called "rules engine," which uses a set of human-curated regulations to make decisions, he said.

Hughes has demonstrated a software function that implements both AI techniques and the rules engine.

"It basically would know about what is going around that terminal," Gopal said. "It would know which satellites are available, which service providers are available, which modems [are] available and be able to...

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