Hughes, Dean. Search and Destroy.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HUGHES, Dean. Search and destroy. Simon & Schuster, Atheneum. 224p. bibliog, c2006. 0-68987023-X. $16.95. SA*

Rick, just graduated from high school in 1969, doesn't know what to do with his life, and he longs to escape from his bullying father. Despite misgivings about whether the US belongs in Vietnam, he's curious about the experience of war--maybe he could be a writer and use it as material, he thinks--and he decides to enlist. Once in the army, he opts to join the Charlie Company Rangers, a six-man unit that hunts down and kills the enemy in stealthy, dangerous and terrifying "search and destroy" missions. At first concerned about whether he can prove himself to be a man under fire, and still conflicted about whether it is a just war, Rick soon learns that simply staying alive overrides all other considerations. He befriends an older man nicknamed Preacher, and from him learns compassion for the Vietnamese people. Wounded, Rick...

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