Huerto sonado (Vegetable Dreams).

Author:Kellam, Norma D.
Position:Children's review - Book review

Work Title: Huerto sonado (Vegetable Dreams)

Work Author(s): Dawn Jeffers; Claude Schneider, illustrator; Eida de la Vega, translator

Raven Tree Press

14 color illustrations, 32 pages, Hardcover $16.95, Softcover $4.99, 0-9770906-0-4

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 097419929X

Reviewer: Norma D. Kellam

Tears roll down Erin's cheeks as she grieves her broken dream of having a garden. The girl's parents insist that she is too young to do the work. Mr. Martinez, a neighbor, lets Erin plant vegetables in his garden. This re-release of a 2001 title presents Erin's story in English at the top of even-numbered pages and in a new Spanish translation at the bottom. The translator's previous work includes My Pal, Victor / Mi Amigo, Victor and Alien Invaders / Invasores Extraterrestres.

Old-fashioned, impressionistic illustrations in pastels enhance the odd-numbered pages. Intermingling various shades produces the effect of light and shadows. Blurring irrelevant aspects of the background puts the emphasis on people. The illustrator, a graduate of Layton School of Art, counts Buried Treasure of Appleton, Wisconsin and Snyder and Baldy: Wisconsin Circus Elephants among his credits. His prints have appeared in Harrods Department Store in London and across the United States in galleries and shops.

One page begins, "Together Erin and...

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