How to wreck your day in the first 10 minutes.

Position:HR Career

How you spend the first 10 minutes of your workday can make or break your productivity the entire day. According to a recent report in Entrepreneur, here are six things that you (and your employees) should avoid:

  1. Starting several tasks at once. Most experts agree that multitasking hurts your productivity and how well you execute each task. Take a minute to prioritize your tasks and plan your day. Then tackle each task one at a time.

  2. Going straight into a meeting. You'll likely feel rushed, perhaps stressed, and it will set the mood for the whole day. Block out the first hour of your day to focus on your top priority, unless a meeting is unavoidable.

  3. Checking your email immediately. Email can become a serious time suck. Wait at least 30 minutes before you check it, and spend that first half hour planning or focused on your most critical task.

  4. Opening a web browser. You may intend to just take a "quick" moment to read the news or check social media, but you end up losing a big chunk of your time. Avoid the temptation and...

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