How to win the e-junk-mail war.

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Your users are bombarded with junk mail every day. Sometimes there's so much junk that your users might wonder if there's a filter blocking all the useful stuff! There are lots of solutions to the junk mail problem, though.

Questionable senders and domains can be blocked at the server, and actively managing filters at the server is a good way to prevent junk messages from ever reaching the users' mailbox.

In situations where server-side blocking and filtering isn't practical, such as when users rely on remote mail accounts, use Outlook rules to filter the messages.

To configure junk mail filters in Outlook 2000 and 2002:

  1. Open the Inbox and click the Organize button on the toolbar, or choose Tools | Organize.

  2. Click the Junk E-Mail link and configure Outlook to either color or move messages that fit the Junk Senders list.

  3. Click the Click Here link to access options that open a dialog box that allows you to edit the Junk Senders list.

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