How to make your hiring process blind to bias.

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The hiring process is a main flashpoint for discrimination charges. But it's hard to discriminate against applicants based on characteristics like age and race if you never know they belong to a particular protected class. That's why more employers are creating "blind" hiring processes.

Here are some ways to consider the best applicants without knowing about their protected characteristics:

* Consider accepting applications almost exclusively online. You can make exceptions for applicants who need a paper copy because of self-identified disabilities. Design the application website to comply with accessibility guidelines.

Most common hiring discrimination claims Age 1,796 Race 1,523 Sex 1,403 Retaliation 1,020 Disability 985 Source: Employee complaints to EEOC, 2017 Note: Table made from bar graph. * Have someone who won't be participating in the actual hiring process review all applications to make sure they are complete...

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