How to Learn from Cases.

Author:Chen, David T.
Position:The Case Study Handbook - Brief article - Book review

How to Learn from Cases

Case studies are an indispensable tool for learning in MBA or executive education programs. They are also used for corporate training, especially management development.


But a significant obstacle to using case studies is the difficulty readers have understanding them. They can find interpreting and writing about cases mystifying, challenging, or downright frustrating.

The Case Study Handbook, published by Harvard Business School Press, presents a powerful new approach to cases. It helps students understand the fundamental difference between cases and other kinds of educational material such as textbooks. It describes a set of simple but effective tools for analyzing, discussing, and writing about cases.

By using the five sample Harvard Business School cases included in the book, students can master:

* How to recognize case situations and apply appropriate tools to solve problems, make decisions, or develop evaluations

* How...

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