How to lead when you don't agree with a policy or program you're carrying out.

Position:Your HR Career

You've gotten word from the corner office of a new company policy or program. You don't believe there's much logic to the idea, yet you're the one tasked with rolling it out.

How do you follow through while still maintaining your sanity and credibility?

For starters, make clear that this is the policy and not a proposal. You'll gain employees' longterm respect by gently shutting down any arguments before they begin. Be on guard against people trying to bargain their way out of the inevitable. Have a speech prepared, one that leaves little room for follow-up.

The next hurdle: Defeat the temptation to divorce yourself from company execs so that you remain likeable. Ineffectual leaders will say, "Look, this was not my idea and I don't like it, but..." This makes you seem weak and puppetlike.

Your best bet is to recite the facts of the situation as if they can't be traced to any one person...

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