How to Hold a Meeting on the Internet

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
How to Hold a Meeting
on the Internet
No matter what type of law you happen to practice, at some
point you will have to attend a meeting. You might think first
of client meetings, but you also meet with staff, colleagues,
co-counsel, expert witnesses, consultants, the court, and oth-
ers. A meeting can be an expensive proposition, especially
when you meet with people in other cities or even on other
continents. The client typically ends up shouldering the costs
of these meetings, which include travel expenses as well as
the billable hours spent by lawyers and others in traveling to
the meeting. Other, more intangible costs also are involved—
usually involving time. For example, the time spent traveling
is often wasted because it can usually be spent more produc-
tively back at the office. Even more frustrating is that the actual
time spent in the meeting frequently pales in comparison to the
amount of time involved in travel and logistics.
For a long time, lawyers and their clients accepted trav-
eling long distances for meetings as a necessary evil and an
unavoidable cost of doing business. The financial crash in 2008
changed that dynamic for a lot of lawyers—suddenly travel
budgets were slashed, as firms fought to reduce costs. About
this time, the Internet truly came into its own as a collabo-
ration tool, and more and more lawyers and businesspeople
found it easier, cheaper, and more efficient to hold meetings
online rather than in person.
Surprisingly, this turns out to be the case even where
long-distance travel is not involved. Where once the parties
would have to spend hours (and sometimes days) traveling
to and attending a meeting—and sometimes coordinating the

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