Author:Izaks, Jamie

Everyone's watching for the next move--make sure your brand has one that stands out.

It can be difficult to break through the clutter during an election year. Between the debates, op-eds, tweets, news reports and scandals that are flying around, it's enough to make anyone's head spin. While it can be challenging to insert your brand into the news cycle in the thick of election year, the key lies in finding the right angles for your brand and pursuing them at the right time. So, how do you keep your brand in the spotlight and earn positive headlines in the media during an election year? Here are four smart tactics to consider.

  1. Do Your Research

    Don't phone in your research. It's important to understand how the news cycle works and study the most pressing issues of today's political landscape. Read up on the political stories of the day and take note of what different news outlets are covering. Spend time exploring headline news from unbiased sources to ensure that you're receiving ample information, and considering the viewpoints from each side. This extra push should help you discover an angle that could be an "in" for your brand.

    And, as you're researching topics and developing your pitch, it helps to think in headlines--and quotes! Imagine how you'd apply your brand's expertise in business, entrepreneurship or category-specific topics to the trending conversations surrounding the campaigns.

    Regarding an example of a hot business topic that could also apply to category specific discussions, the oil and gas drilling issue continues to be contested among candidates. Using this topic as an example throughout this article, as it relates to research, it would be helpful to know the dependency your business, brand and industry place on this resource. Having this understanding, you can comment on stories about renewable energy sources that are emerging through candidate encouragement, the renewed influx of coal production and the rise of U.S. gas production that has turned the United States into the world's largest producer of fuels.

    Knowing the candidates' stances on this and how that can fit into your brand are key to entering the news cycle and putting a positive spin on it for your brand. Consider how you'd see this information presented as a headline, or as a quote in a relevant piece. These words and phrases could help you craft the perfect hook for your pitch.

  2. Add Value

    Once you've identified and sharpened up your angle, it's time to...

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