HOW TO EMBRACE THE FRANCHISEE PERSPECTIVE ON A CORPORATE LEVEL: The benefits of incorporating franchisees in the big picture.

Author:Loychuk, Jackson

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes, or in other words, keep other's perspectives in mind as you make decisions. It's a simple idea, but an essential one when it comes to the success of a franchise brand.

After Jackson and Deanna Loychuk launched 30 Minute Hit's franchise opportunity and began building out their corporate team, they quickly noticed that some of their local owners had impressive skill sets which would add immense value to their upper management team. The Loychuks made the easy decision to not only incorporate these folks into the corporate team, but made a point to get them deeply involved in the decision-making process while building the brand. Today, the CorporHIT team has a total of 10 people--eight of which are currently still operating as franchisees. Of the remaining two corporate members, one is a former owner and the other was a trainer at the very first 30 Minute Hit location. Each person on the team knows the ins and outs of running a local studio, the pain points and the successes--all of which have proven beneficial for the brand as a whole.

While adopting this corporate structure is not the right move for every brand, there are lessons that franchisors across the industry can learn from simply taking into account their franchisees' perspectives when growing their own brands.

Build Trust Through Transparency

At its core, franchising is a relationship--one that requires communication, sharing of ideas and most importantly, trust. As a franchisor, you need to trust that the local owners are following procedures and fulfilling the brand's mission. Having visibility into a franchisee's performance allows you to verify this by understanding where they are seeing success and what pain points need to be addressed.

On the corporate level, building franchisee's trust can start with granting them access into the many inner workings of corporate operations. This gives them peace of mind that their interests are being considered and enables them to understand how decisions that affect them are being made. It is key to have an opportunity for real-time feedback.

Understanding the challenges and realities on the front line operations permits the franchisor and franchisees to come up with practical solutions that embrace both franchisee needs and corporate requirements.

Face-to-Face Franchisee Engagement

Advances in technology are continuing to make communication more convenient. From email to texting and video conferences, it...

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