HOW TECHNOLOGY LEVERAGED OUR BUSINESS: When you choose to embrace the advances in technology, your business has nowhere to go but up.

Author:Salek, Arturo

How has technology changed the way our franchisees connect with our consumers? Data has taken marketing and design from guesswork and evolved it into iterative processes that are equal parts creative and scientific. More than ever before, the two fields can be used together to provide the best experience for the user throughout their journey with your brand. Here at Ctrl V, the first, original line of virtual reality arcades, we use technology to connect with them where they live, work and play more effectively while catering to their needs. Here's what we've found to work and what we anticipate will help franchises in the future.

What technology is being used inside Ctrl V?

We have recently started leveraging Facebook pixel data to create a virtual profile of our customers. This profile is used as a template and we can target people who fit this profile. The best part is we exclude anyone who has been on our website from this audience to ensure that everyone who sees this ad is a fresh set of eyes. Those who find the ad relevant will go on our website, become excluded from the first campaign and will then be served retargeting ads that are tailored to who they are and how much exposure they've had with us. Much of the underlying technology behind the building of the profile is ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) and is constantly being improved as machine learning becomes more robust.

On the design side, we can see what pages are being accessed the most, as well as user behavior on our site. Our users overwhelmingly preferred to go to their location's specific page as opposed to the general landing page. Because of this, our new website will bypass the general landing page if they allow us to use their location data, and their response will be remembered for four hours for their ease of use. We also found that our bounce rate on mobile was much higher than on desktop, but the amount of traffic coming from mobile was also much higher. Considering this, we are revamping the website to be lighter and the design of the location pages has been improved to provide the information our users accessed most, while removing most of the clutter.

AI can augment these processes and, in many parts, is already being used. If AI could analyze these metrics and iterate accordingly, this process would become exponentially better. Looking outwards, there are products and systems being tested that could be implemented in our own company should they mature...

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