How Recruitment Sales Teams Are Finding New Ways To Help Clients Find The Right Fit.


In every challenge there lies an opportunity. That truth presents itself every day in recruitment advertising sales teams across the media industry.

In July, The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that there are 7-35 million available job openings and 6.1 million people unemployed. There are more available jobs than there are unemployed people to fill them --a trend that has continued for 16 straight months.

It is an extremely challenging time to be an employer looking for skilled talent, as they are being forced to evaluate new strategies of finding the right fit.

When there are not enough qualified people in the job market to fill positions quickly, it impacts employers with hard costs. Employers pay more overtime, work employees longer hours, and pay benefits and training fees for employees that often leave in the same year.

When there is a scarcity of talent, employers will invest in solutions to help them hire if the recruitment sales person can gain credibility to help them make a hire.

Bersin and Associates, the leading human capital analyst, has estimated that $200 billion is spent annually on recruiting worldwide ... and that number is only growing.

Recruitment sales teams must go beyond the transactional sale of just a job ad. They must hunt down more problems, ask more consultative questions, help their clients expand their reach and, ultimately, improve their processes.

Since 2007, Monster has been helping newspapers transform their sales teams, bringing them from an order-taking ad sales process to a consultative conversation focused on end-to-end talent acquisition needs.

Many times, the problems that exist go beyond the initial need to fill a job. Because of this, media sales reps are finding many new and unique problems that need resolution.

Instead of focusing on a solution to fill one ad for a Sunday, teams are building annual digital contracts to help find both active and passive job seekers. Monster partners utilize the full suite of innovative products to not only add incremental recruitment revenue, but additional value for true multimedia, end-to-end talent solutions. This results in new conversations, win backs of lapsed accounts, and many upsell opportunities with higher renewal rates.

"In the past few months, Monster has announced several exciting partnerships and all of them are presenting their clients with new ideas that assist in Employer Branding, Texting to Recruit, Applicant Tracking Software, Career...

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