How green can you go?

Author:Quintero, David
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

No one, I'm sure, has ever sailed through life without occasionally experiencing pangs of guilt. Although I'm not a bad man, I know my heart is blemished nevertheless--simply because I'm human. So, as a small way to lessen the burden of my conscience, I have left instructions to be cremated, hoping that at least my remains will not take up valuable space in a cemetery. I even congratulated myself for being considerate enough to have my cadaver disposed of in an ecologically friendly way. Wrong! Cremation, according to the last issue's cover story ("A Green Hereafter" by Deborah Goemans, J/A 2014), squanders valuable energy and contributes to the world's pollution. Thank you for enlightening me. I'll probably now decide to be food for worms as nature intended. And also, as a gesture of...

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