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Spring finally blooms this month, and U.S. residents are gardening in record numbers. Monrovia, Azusa, Calif., a grower of ornamental and landscaping plants, has released its 2019 report on gardening trends, which predicts "Americans will develop a deeper connection to the natural world, seeking out carefully curated plants and gardens that reflect their intense interest in cultivating highly personal, leafy refuges in a time of stress and chaos," says Monrovia spokesman Jonathan Pedersen.

"In our 2017 and 2018 trends reports we began tracking how a generation of millennials--one out of five new gardeners are millennials, according to the National Gardening Association--rooted in technology was becoming

more biophilic, and how that deep yearning for connection to nature was impacting issues from food waste to water use to soil health. What we see in 2019 are the strands coming together to show a compelling path forward."

A few top trends:

* Garden designers will use plants with plenty of intriguing, often formal, shapes, forms, textures, and branching habits within otherwise naturalistic gardens, resulting in a delightful yin-yang effect.

* With seasonal changes that are less distinct and predictable marked by...

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