How does Brainworks help publishers achieve their strategic business goals?

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In keeping with our customer-first approach, Brainworks introduced its new software platform, Stratica, at last month's Mega-Conference in Las Vegas. Stratica was built in direct response to our customer's needs to quickly transform their business strategies to better compete in digital, video and print advertising.

Stratica's strategically-focused advertising and customer-relationship management (CRM) software combines our revenue-generating expertise with the ability to be nimble and responsive via next generation technologies.

This new platform provides media companies with the latest tools to compete aggressively for advertisers by delivering innovative built-in features such as real-time analytics and marketing functionality, automated customized reporting and dashboards and permission based user management that allows administrators to exclude specific functionality from a particular user or group.

Stratica provides advanced workflow functionality with the ability to initiate internal workflows, such as adjustment tracking, sales to manager communication and external third party providers.

The software's automated presets for order entry offers the option to automatically populate...

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