How can Metro's new partnership with benefit news publishers?

Author:Weiss, Debra Shapiro

For more than a century, Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. has been the leading provider of advertising, creative and editorial resources designed to help news media companies create, sell and profit with their print, online, social and mobile products. Now, Metro Creative has partnered with Evvnt to provide beautiful print templates alongside powerful event marketing.

Evvnt's core service of event syndication and best in class calendar technology now adds a simple way to automatically reverse publish your online calendar to print. With the Metro Creative partnership, your event listings can gain additional visibility via further distribution to print ensuring consumers can find local and relevant events quickly and easily.

This not only benefits your local event marketers but does two big things for you. You are now the go-to in your local community for what's happening both online and in print and you have the ability to monetize your calendar like never before.

So how does this work? Using your Evvnt powered calendar data, we work with you to choose from the print templates options, adding your brand logo and colors. Your editors have complete control over your calendar data and can edit, choose to make...

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