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AuthorEllis, Josh
PositionFROM SUCCESS - Editorial

When I first started at SUCCESS in 2012, we had a motto for every story: "The how, the how, the how." Whereas news reporting traditionally revolves around answering who, what, when, where and why, our goal was to provide something more actionable.

We didn't just want to share the factors that made people successful. We wanted to add another dimension--the ways you could take those details and apply them to your life and work to reach new heights of your own. We wanted to show how to see the future like Jeff Bezos. How to think big like Richard Branson. How to achieve the likability and charm of Jimmy Rimmel. And I think we were pretty good at it. If you repeat that process enough times, you notice a lot of similarities in high achievers. But it's hard to label the "it" factor. Trying to do so would take years. It would take intense research of millions of high achievers all over the world. It would take someone with the means and the determination to analyze all the data and paint a clear picture. Who could ever do that?

Well, Brendon Burchard did it. Taking a research approach to the subject of all-encompassing high performance that no one has before--including data points on 2 million people all across the world--he has authored what may be the definitive how-to guide on achieving and sustaining success while loving the process. To celebrate the release of his new book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, and share the personal story that led him to seek these answers (plus how you can get inspired to begin your own search), we knew Burchard was the perfect person to front...

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