Hosting ASMC PDI 2017 in San Diego, California.

Author:Meyer, Brenda

First, we would like to thank Al Runnels and the staff at ASMC National for giving us the opportunity to host the Professional Development Institute (PDI) 2017, and for all your guidance and support! On behalf of the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) San Diego Chapter and the PDI 2017 host committee, we were happy to welcome the Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard financial management communities to San Diego, and glad to see the Navy back this year.

PDI began with awesome opening ceremonies that set the stage for a very successful week of professional development with great speakers and training. We thank all PDI attendees for visiting this year and hope you come back to America's Finest City very soon!

In the Beginning

Back in August 2015 at the San Diego Chapter training day, we were asked by Al Runnels, ASMC Executive Director, to be PDI Chair (Kenneth Suazo) and Vice Chair (Brenda Meyer) for PDI 2017 in San Diego. It was deeply humbling to be asked to take on the responsibility for what we both knew would be a challenging and enormous undertaking.

A week went by after Al returned home and both the excitement that PDI was coming to San Diego and an overwhelming feeling of the magnitude of work that would need to be done to host an event of this size was settling in.

We received an email with an attachment from Libby Long that said, "Congratulations on your new role as our 2017 PDI Chair! Al asked that I send you the planning guide that we use/update/revise each year to help us guide our work. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Libby." And so, two years of planning began.

The entire San Diego Chapter board began discussing ideas and planning to host PDI 2017. Over the next 10 months at chapter board meetings, we developed ideas for the theme and logo, and discussed committee responsibilities, volunteers needed, and how to enlist them. We announced to the chapter members in October 2015 that we were hosting PDI 2017, and we would be recruiting committee chairs and committee volunteers. Over the next few months all the Chapter board members and many of the chapter members stepped up to volunteer.

One Year In

In May 2016 many of the San Diego Chapter board members who stepped up to volunteer as committee chairs attended PDI 2016 in Orlando, Florida to shadow the host committee. They volunteered to shadow them to gain an understanding of what it would be like during the actual event in San Diego. We...

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