Horton hears a boo.

Author:Oakes, Jennifer Dawson
Position:Letters to the Editor - Letter to the editor

Thank you so much for featuring Canadian Literature in your recent issue. I am a proud Canadian and a fierce supporter (and recommender) of our wonderful writers and their work, so seeing recognition beyond our borders is always a treat! I was a little disappointed that you chose to illustrate the feature with a Tim Hortons photo, though. I have always felt Bookmarks to be smart, helpful, and above playing into stereotypes. There are so many other positive images that could have been used to complement the CanLit feature and represent the authors and books you recommended in a way that didn't detract from, or make light of, their excellent quality.

I am a Bookmarks subscriber, and I really do love your magazine a lot. I look forward to every issue and always discover wonderful recommendations in your pages. Thank you.

Jennifer Dawson Oakes


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