Horowitz, Anthony. Snakehead.

Author:Klein, Miles
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Audiobook review

HOROWITZ, Anthony. Snakehead. Read by Simon Prebble. 8 cds. 9.75 hrs. Recorded Books. 2007/2008. 978-1-4281-8277-6. $46.95. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. JS*

From the KLIATT starred review of the book, November 2007: "The seventh in Horowitz's popular series featuring a teenage British spy, this volume begins with Alex parachuting down to Earth from outer space--and that's just the beginning of his action-packed escapades. He lands off the coast of Australia and quickly gets recruited to go to Bangkok and Jakarta to help the Australian Secret Intelligence Service infiltrate a snakehead group that smuggles illegal immigrants. Alex agrees to this only because he'll be working with Ash, his godfather, who knew Alex's dead parents and can tell him more about them. Meanwhile, Britain's MI6 wants Alex to help them locate a missing bomb and foil the criminal group Scorpia's nefarious plans to assassinate some influential do-gooders and start a deadly tsunami. All in a day's work for the enterprising...

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