Horniman, Joanne. Secret Scribbled Notebooks.

Author:Rader, Heather
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HORNIMAN, Joanne. Secret scribbled notebooks. Independent Publishers Group. 219p. c2004. 1-74114-406-X. $7.95. S

Secret Scribbled Notebooks is for readers who look up words in the dictionary to learn definitions and origins; for readers who connect their life situation to their current reading; for readers who are so moved by a passage that they must write it down for safekeeping. It's also a great story about moving on from high school to college and from longing to acceptance. Kate O'Farrell is a 17-year-old graduate trying to make sense of her life through the pages of three notebooks. Combining dreams, streams of consciousness, and connections with books could produce a disjointed story, but there is a fluid, believable nature to...

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