Hooper, Mary. Newes from the dead.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

HOOPER, Mary. Newes from the dead. Roaring Brook. 2600. illus, bibliog. c2008. 9781-59643-355-7. $16.95. JSA

The basic facts of this novel make it intriguing. In England in 1650, a servant girl named Anne Green was seduced by the young master of the house. When her baby died she was accused of murder and hung in the public square. Her body was handed over to the medical people for an autopsy. Anne Green lay as dead, but before the cutting began, she moved slightly; it was discovered by one of the students that she was alive. She slowly came out of a deep coma and returned to life. These are the facts of the story, with the original Newes from the Dead, or a True and Exact Narration of the Miraculous Deliverance of Anne Green, published in 1651, included at the end of the novel. Also...

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