Honoree Calls for Rejection of Cynicism: Menzies Calls for 'Advocacy Plus Personal Engagement to Make Financial Commitment Meaningful' in Address to Israel Bonds Luncheon.

Mr Menzies Remarks:

"Before I communicate my thoughts about the mission we are serving today, may I take a moment of personal indulgence to thank the many friends and colleagues here today and back in your offices, who poured out congratulations and best wishes to me over the past 10 days, since I acquired Applied Underwriters from Berkshire Hathaway in an unprecedented landmark deal. It was not easy, as the many news articles explained, given the scope of the deal and the intricacies of Federal and State regulation, but it did work, almost as reported by the press. Let me say that the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and, in our industry, Business Insurance, mostly all got the facts straight and presented this great transaction accurately--I see the President of Business Insurance here today, so I can thank him and his staff for objective and clear presentation thank you.

And now let me apply those two words to our subject today: Israel Bonds If we are "objective" in our analysis and "clear" in our sense of mission, we can easily understand the special importance of this cause, as it impacts our shared Judaeo Christian heritage, our world view, world peace and stability and the balance of power in the world: and that is Israel.

To us as business leaders, Israel provides an important concrete and meaningful example of our shared heritage as responsible, prudent business and political leaders whose management of commercial affairs is marked by careful control of debt, in this case of public, sovereign debt. Israel's approach in this makes the State of Israel Bonds Appeal, that much more, let us say, appealing. As advocates of prudent investment and, by extension, as those who have faith in the State of Israel, our participation rewards best practices in economic leadership.

I admire the approach: at a time when many emerging nations simply wait for China to knock on the door, Israel has gone forth, selected its partners and its vehicle, and taken the initiative...and this is the result: a public / private initiative that really works as an economic proposition.

And it works for our country every day: Israel is vital for all Americans.

Those of us who are CEO's can attest to the fact that we are frequently approached by associations, non-profits, charities, and a host of good causes asking that we be "honored," to help with their fundraising efforts, so that we will ask our friends and suppliers to help fund that particular...

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