Honk if You Like the New Cover!, 0116 ALBJ, 77 The Alabama Lawyer 12 (2016)

Position::Vol. 77 1 Pg. 12

Honk if You Like the New Cover!

Vol. 77 No. 1 Pg. 12

Alabama Bar Lawyer

January, 2016

OK, it won’t hurt our feelings if you didn’t notice. Sometimes, though, guys need a new sport coat or women need a new dress, even if the old one still fits.

The same logic applies here. Your Editorial Board decided to make a change for 2016, updating the look of the cover and the regular columns featured in each issue. The old look was fine, but Margaret Murphy and I sought a fresh one to go with this new year. Of course, we collaborated with Noelle Buchannon of The Finklea Group, Inc. (www.taplink.com), who has used her creativity and design expertise on every issue for almost 25 years.

Noelle, Margaret and I gave the Editorial Board three different styles from which to choose a new design. The board overwhelmingly chose the cover that you...

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