Honda will end production of U.S.-made motorcycles.

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Ohio-based Honda of America Mfg. Inc. will discontinue production of motorcycles in spring 2009 as part of a global strategy that will focus the company on its leader role in Honda's North American automobile operations.

The 450 Marysville Motorcycle Plant employees will remain key members of the Honda of America team that produces cars, light trucks, engines, and major components in Ohio. There will be no layoffs.

The move reflects a global Honda strategy for production of certain larger motorcycles. All motorcycle production from the Marysville Motorcycle Plant and the historic Hamamatsu Factory in Japan will be consolidated in 2009 at a new motorcycle plant in Kumamoto, Japan. The new plant will serve as Honda's global leader with advanced motorcycle production technologies. Both the Marysville and Hamamatsu plants produce medium- to large-size motorcycles.

"Our goal is always to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction," said Akio Hamada, president and CEO of Honda of America. "This move allows us to improve the competitiveness and appeal of our products by applying the latest technologies and production systems at one efficient location."


"This was a complex decision tied to the important role that Honda in Ohio plays within our North American automobile operations" Hamada said. "We will focus our associates' abilities on our goal to produce cars, light trucks and engines in Ohio that are of the highest quality and value for our customers."

Honda of America set a company record for auto production in 2007 with the manufacture of 701,317 passenger cars and light trucks at its two Ohio assembly plants.

The diverse and challenging roster of vehicles produced in Ohio includes...

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