A Homeowner's Handbook to Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Big and Small Improvements.

AuthorMielke, Joe
PositionBook review

Work Title: A Homeowner's Handbook to Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Big and Small Improvements

Work Author(s): John Krigger and Chris Dorsi

Saturn Resource Management

Softcover $24.95 (192pp)

House and Home

ISBN: 9781880120187

Reviewer: Joe Mielke

This is an A to Z guide to making old houses and new houses more energy efficient, whether readers are trying to save money or save the environment. It's a practical guide covering everything from evaluating showerheads and installing photovoltaic systems to energy efficiency considerations when building a new home.

Both authors are experts in developing energy efficient construction; Dorsi has been building houses for thirty years and writes about creating comfortable, energy efficient homes. Krigger spent three years in Europe studying super-efficient construction.

The techniques described here include many that don't involve spending any money, but rather changing habits. "The decisions you make in the management of your lighting and appliances will have an effect on your utility bills that will be apparent in the first month," the authors write. Although a number of these are common suggestions such as turning down your water heater and turning off lights, they are still useful reminders.

The authors also recommend developing a plan that considers both energy consumption and carbon emissions. They suggest: "Identify the small improvements...

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