"Life sciences is one of the fastest growing industries in Utah. BioFire Diagnostics, Biomerics and Dynatronics are wonderful examples of companies that got their start in the Beehive State, where we embrace a culture of innovation and collaboration. Companies like this aren't just successful monetarily - they make meaningful contributions to our communities as well. I'm grateful for the work they do to improve lives and advance healthcare in Utah."

--Gov. Gary Herbert


Many of the most common infections on earth, like respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, often prove very difficult for physicians to diagnose. Such infections are challenging because several different underlying pathogens can cause outwardly similar symptoms. The flu, walking pneumonia and the common cold may appear indistinguishable. One disease requires an antiviral, another requires an antibiotic, and the third cannot be treated. Physicians are in a similar bind with pneumonia, central nervous system infections and blood infections-many pathogens, yet one set of symptoms.

BioFire's FilmArray system is the first fast, easy-to-use molecular diagnostic system to testfor all the reasonable causes of infections for the five most important infectious disease syndromes. The root cause of pneumonia, sepsis, gastrointestinal infections, meningitis and upper respiratory infections can all be easily determined in about an hour.

Each BioFire panel provides patient sample-to-answer, diagnostics using integrated sample preparation, highly multiplexed polymerase chain reaction and high resolution melting analysis. All of this high-tech biochemistry is hidden inside an easy-to-use test.

Instead of guessing, physicians can know the cause of an infection and get the patient on the right drug, quickly. This decreases the unnecessary use of antibiotics, increases the chance that the patient is on the right drug, diminishes the use of additional tests, and reduces the length of hospital stays for many patients. All this adds up to better care for patients and cheaper costs for the hospital.

The ability to help doctors become better doctors and hospitals become better hospitals has made BioFire one of the fastest growing molecular diagnostics companies in history.

BioFire Diagnostics is a fully-owned subsidiary of BioMerieux, a global leader in diagnostic microbiology. BioFire develops and manufactures its tests in Salt Lake City; employing over 2,000 Utahns in...

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