Hoffman, Alice. The foretelling.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

HOFFMAN, Alice. The foretelling. Little, Brown. 167p. c2005. 0-316-01018-9. $16.99. JS*

Amazon warriors riding horses, terrifying the men they fight: this is the world Hoffman describes with poetic force in The Foretelling. The narrator is Rain, daughter of the queen, but never spoken to by her mother because she is the product of a horrific rape. Rain is an adolescent, skilled, passionate--she wonders if she will be queen some day. Then her mother chooses to lie with a man to become impregnated with another child and awaits the birth of this daughter who would usurp Rain's inheritance. The child is a baby boy, unwanted in this all-female world, and Rain becomes a different person as she seeks to save this child's life.

Hoffman, in a brief story that holds the power of myth, examines...

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